Defrauding visitors with Blog Auto Content

A few days ago a friend told of his experience with the Google search engine. When he was looking for information, there was a website that quite often hang on the first page for certain keywords that he tried. But after he visited there, he was quite disappointed because there was no information that he was looking for. That there are even links to search results from Google search engine. An information that can you can directly from Google! You will be taken round and round on that site. Even worse, there is a site that when clicked the link will only display the same page, unlike Google which brings us to the site actually.

Matt Cutts, Google's chief Webspam team, had mentioned anything like this in his article titled "Search results in search results." We are familiar with Auto Website Content. Wow ... let alone this?
Before discussing further I need to emphasize this point: Just as we recognize the disease of AIDS so that we can avoid the disease, as well as the Auto Content. Although I do not mean to identify the Auto Content with negative things, abuse of Auto Content to harm search engine user and also ... your own website!
Auto Content or full Auto-Generated Content is a technique of creating content automatically from various sources, there is sometimes useful, but unfortunately most of the site builder that only take on Google's search results and then display it on their site. Because several factors weakness Google in filtering spam sites like this, the longer will increasingly Auto Content sites that will adorn the pages of Google search. Some of those who use this technique say that the result is quite amazing, can increase traffic to buuanyak fold in a matter of hours to days.

Tempted by this instant, so many people who eventually went along with installing the Auto Content without knowing the bad effects. Even some install Auto Content on their private domain. Just imagine if until banned Google, their site will be lost or appear poorly in search engines.

"I think the essence of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is: optimizing what already exists and that does not exist into existence, not that there are no made as if to be there-and not make the seeker of information swirling in those sites."

Unfortunately, it is precisely the last thing many users do Auto Content. They do not actually provide information, but make the information as if it is on their site. Of course this is actually detrimental to users of search engines, especially Google users who do not quite understand.

How do we recognize Auto Website Content?
It's easy! As of this writing, the format of Auto Content website in search engines generally is like this: KEYWORD2 + keyword3 + ff
Does not close possibility would develop a new format later on (like changing the tag "search" with the other tag.) So when I found the URL like that I would think 1000 times to mengekliknya. This is what I mentioned above that the Auto Content can be detrimental to your own website. Brand your website will fall because it has been labeled as Auto Website Content.

Perhaps many who think, "Ah ... regardless of what branding. The important thing is my rank and blog traffic increase ". Are you sure? For the traffic, the Google sandbox is still wide enough to accommodate it's websites are "naughty.":) As for the ranking, Google is clearly mentions this:

Google will of take action against domains That try to rank more highly by just showing scraped or other auto-generated Pages that do not add any value to users. Examples include:
  • Auto-generated content: Content generated programatically. Often this will of consist of random paragraphs of text That make no sense to the reader, but That May contain search keywords.
And finally, Google has opened a page that can be used by anyone Google users to report sites that are considered spam at webmasters/ tools/spamreport

Another way to recognize the Auto Content websites are between age by comparing the domain with the number of pages indexed. If the new domain of 1 year seemed impossible when the page is indexed to millions right?

From a reliable source, there is already movement melisting sites like this. Domain. is the largest contributor to the site Auto Content. The second position was occupied by the domain. Info. And worse, the domain. Com has reached 200 more sites. Well, then. Com aja has 200-an, approximately how ya number. and. Info?

Just a reminder, many services that once banned in Indonesia has now made easier (such as verification of Paypal for example). I'm sure ... we all do not want to see Indonesia back stamped negative. If it had entered the country's top carder, credit card data thieves, not to present a state spammers.

And do not let Google see eye to open new services in our beloved country. Indonesia is not ours, not our heritage ... but the name Indonesia entrusted to our children and grandchildren ...

What do you remember about the "Somalia" pirate state ... ...

Options all back to you. My advice, DO NOT DEFRAUDING VISITORS (although we know All SEO'ers acre Wild). Optimize what is there. Or if there is a stray into your website with certain keywords, as long as it is still relevant, just provide the information.

NOTE: This post is not intended to discredit Auto Content providers and users. Just a post from the standpoint of search engine users who want better search results. If not acceptable please ignore it. Thank you!